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1. General questions
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Note! Some of answers below may be outdated. If you have any further questions contact us.

General questions

  • How long does it take to setup my server?

    Most of our services (like game and voice servers) are activated immediately after payment.
  • How long does it take to get answer to my ticket?

    Our technical team answers you whole week. Maximum response time is 24 hours but usually we respond after a few minutes.

Control panel

  • I don't have access to my account anymore. What should I do?

    If you forget your password, use our reminder. If you lost your e-mail account, send message to our e-mail [email protected] with photo/scan of document with your name visible.
  • Why should I enter correct personal data in control panel?

    We need your personal information in case of lost access to account.
  • Is it possible to move my services to another account?

    Yes, it is possible. Send us e-mail ( [email protected]) from current service owner mail account. Message should contain: account ID of new owner and service ID. Operation is non revesible so be carreful.

    Please move my service ID 12345 to account ID 54321. I am fully aware this operation is non reversible.


  • My service doesn't work. What should I do?

    First, try to restart sever. If it doesn't help, try to reinstalation. Finally, try to create ticket in control panel.
  • What kind of operating systems do you use?

    All our services works under Debian Linux.
  • What version of servers do you provide?

    We strive to provide the newest version of game/voice servers. If you can't find version that you need please contact us - we will add it
  • How to become admin on MTA:SA server?

    Follow steps below:
    1. Join server and register with command /register login password
    2. Turn off server
    3. Edit acl.xml file (directiory: mtasa/deathmatch/)
    5. Find line <group name="Admin">
    6. After <acl name="Admin" /> add new line <object name="user.ACCOUNTNAME" />

    <object name="user.John" />
  • What is FastDownload (FastDL)?

    FastDownload is HTTP server which can provide faster files downloading (e.g. maps, sounds) from game servers.

    You can find FastDownload address in control panel (e.g. You have to put this address into correct field in server config.

    For MTA:SA servers it will be:
    <httpdownloadurl>FastDownload address</httpdownloadurl>

    For CS:GO servers:
    sv_allowdownload "1"
    sv_downloadurl "FastDownload address"

    FastDL is not compatible with every type of game.
  • How to become admin/moderator on Rust server?

      Follow step below:
    1. Login in to panel and run console -
    2. If you want to add admin type command:
      ownerid <steamid> "player name" "reason"
      ownerid 76561198106666280 "Tomek" "Admin"
    3. If you want to add moderator type command:
      moderatorid <steamid> "player name" "reason"
      moderatorid 76561198106666280 "Marek" "Moderator"
    4. Save changes by typing command: